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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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und the home. police say the woman lived at the home alone with her children. neighbors, though say she was estranged from her husband. police say at some point, a protective order was filed against the father. >> protective order against the father. i don't know of the possible custody arrangements between her and the children at this point. brianne: now police at this hour not identifying that woman inside of the home. they have been here investigating in and around that home for more than eight hours now. now, at this point, police are not saying much about the cause of death that happened here. they say this is still a very active and ongoing investigation. reporting live in arlington, brianne carter, abc 7 news. alison: ok. thank you very much. meanwhile, this afternoon, the washington county sheriff's office is promising a thorough independent investigation into the death of a man in police custody. the unidentified man was shot with a stun gun by hagerstown
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police officers after allegedly breaking into a house early this morning. the hagerstown police chief says he's unsure if the man died in an ambulance or once he arrived at the hospital. he says the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was uncooperative with officers. leon? leon: alison now we turn to a developing story an act of kindness and act of cruelty. a young man in upper marlboro donated a wheelchair to 4-year-old joshua romero after someone stole his from a langley park apartment complex. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live at langley park tonight with more on this story. brad? brad: leon it is a crime that can only be described as heartless. taking a little boy's wheelchair and it's not just about the cause. several thousand dollars but it's also about the loss of freedom for the child. people have been wondering how it happened. the family lives in a first floor walk up here. there is a half flight of stairs that they have to go up. the mother carries the child upstairs and leaves the
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wheelchair down here and that is where the crook found the chair. but as you said tonight, kindness has won out over cruelty. >> say thank you! brad: it's the feel good about people again ending to a story that made you wonder about human character. 4-year-old joshua romero and his mother brenda happily accept a wheelchair to the place where one was stolen from him last weekend. that's right. stolen. >> it's heartbreaking because it was his first chair to be independent by himself. brad: brenda carries josh up one flight of stairs to their apartment and keeps the chariot first floor landing or did until this guy, caught on tape casually rolls away a child's only way to be independent. >> menace. brad: that's why police released the video. the response to its appearance at newscasts overwhelming. nakisha marshall and her
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11-year-old son emanuel who also uses a wheelchair saw it this morning. >> it was sad. >> i thought that was just horrible and i started thinking if that would have happened to me. brad: so she pulled out this chair emanuel had outgrown and called police. they made the happy delivery this afternoon. >> like it? >> god bless her and her son because that's amazing. brad: smiles all around out here this afternoon but just because joshua has a wheelchair doesn't mean that police investigation has ended. we heard them describe the man who stole this as a menace. they want to catch him. they want to recover that other wheelchair. so if anybody recognizes the person in the video, police ask you give them a call. as for the donors of the wheelchair, they say they hope they find the original one as well. so now he can have a spare. in langley park, brad bell, abc 7 news.
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leon: that would be good. thank you, brad. let's turn to the weather now. boy, another gorgeous day outside. alison: started out that way. a few changes are going on though. some storms or at least rain popping up around the area. right, doug? doug: few showers pop up every now and then get a lightning strike but that's about it. partly sunny skies and very warm temperatures. get you started at a look at what's happening around the area right now from the rooftop camera. clouds and sun pretty typical across the viewing area at this hour. most of the rain continues to be to the west and southwest of metro washington. it is moving to the southeast towards the bottom right-hand side of your screen so if that trend continues and nothing new pops up it looks like most of this will in fact stay south-southwest and south of the district and those areas for the next several hours and will end later tonight. 75 in gaithersburg now and in quantico. 77 degrees in manassas and at andrews air force base. as we head through the evening hours, temperatures will slowly drop through the 60's. temperature about 58 degrees for an average wake-up tomorrow. maybe some low clouds early on
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but then bright sunshine. it is really a nice looking weekend forecast. give that to you in detail in a few minutes. back to you. alison: thank you. we have an update on the future of the home of the arts here in arlington, heart of arlington. the county board says the artist here in rosslyn is too big and too expensive for arlington county to keep up. it voted last night to shut it down. reporter: the dome intended to shield the vast art gallery, the artistsphere opened in 2010 a nucleus of culture in the concrete corridor of rosslyn. >> an artistsphere? i loved it. reporter: previously, it housed the museum which was there in the district for 13 years ago. once arlington county opened the artist artist artistsphere it cost millions
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annually. after years of running in the red, county leaders ran out of patience. the county will shave more than $2 million out of its upcoming annual budget by shuttering artistsphere at the end of june. >> weddings take place at the artistsphere. lot going on. reporter: some who live or work in rosslyn regret the closure of the unusual building with the unique purpose. >> the artistsphere is like a fixture in the town of rosslyn. reporter: no definitive word of what will eventually occupy this space. meanwhile, not everyone is opposed to its closing. >> arts are arts. graffiti on the side of the building works for me just the same. reporter: as far as the sign here, an artistic work itself. no word on what its future will hold yet either. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. alison: all right, stephen. thank you. the university of mary washington is dropping s.a.t. scores from its admissions requirement. it only applies to students with a high school g.p.a. of at least
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3.5. the test scores will still be required, though to qualify for merit based scholarships. at least five other virginia colleges have already adopted these policies. leon: a member at the university of maryland wrestling team is suspended after being arrested. 20-year-old justin alexander assaulted and threatened a woman in state college, pennsylvania last weekend and then tried to lead her or carry her away. alexander is facing several charges including false imprisonment. the university says that he's being suspended for violating the school's code of conduct. we're learning more about the so-called black hat bandits who robbed a number of banks earlier this year. nine banks were robbed. thomas george is one of the men accused in those crimes. he and one of his accomplices from arnold maryland to waldorf. the men posts a bond of $200,000. alison: we have new developments tonight in the case against a fairfax county police officer.
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william "bud" walker resigned from the fairfax county police department this afternoon hours after being released on bond. now, as mike conneen reports, the former face of that department, he is facing child pornography charges. mike: around 11:15, bud walker came rushing out this door with his attorney and running past us very reporters and media outlets that he used to work with as spokesperson after posting $15,000 bond. >> what do you have to say to your colleagues? reporter: walker appeared today with his wife and family in the courtroom. he faces two felony counts for child pornography, possession and intent to distribute. last july they calmly reported that child pornography was uploaded to walker's account. in court today, the defense attorney described him as a
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50-year-old married man who owns a home in the county no criminal record or drug history and has the lowest risk assessment possible for a release. prosecutors asked for a higher bond amount along with restrictions on a possible release. in the end, the judge granted $15,000 bond with the supervisory relief program mandating no computer use and no contact with minors. his attorney said the release speaks for itself and he's happy his client is getting out. now, walker is also on administrative leave with pay which we're told is standard procedure for the county although county leaders say they're working to remove his salary. he's a former public officer of fairfax county police and has given countless interviews as the information officer. long career in law enforcement. 16 years, he was once assigned as a high school resource officer. and his next court appearance is set for june 17th. mike conneen, abc 7 news. alison: police are looking for a karate instructor in bethesda who is charged with possessing child pornography. montgomery county police issued
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a search warrant for 26-year-old alexander soumbadze. police say their investigation also uncovered videos of soumbadze engaging in sexual acts with adolescent males at a chevy chase karate studio. they believe there could be more victims so police are asking anyone who may have been victimized to come forward. leon: an ohio man accused of plotting an attack on a u.s. military base has been -- has pled not guilty in court in his appearance today. he is charged with supporting terrorism, supporting a terrorist group and making a false statement involving international terrorism. investigators say that he bought a one-way ticket to greece and then slipped into syria. there, he trained with terrorists and planned to come back with the u.s. to kill american soldiers. execution style. >> the benefit of being american is he's able to travel. he has a u.s. passport. that is the goal.
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leon: he was being monitored by law enforcement officials for months. the f.b.i. says he expressed support for isil. sunday marks 20 years since the oklahoma city bombing. >> remember the iowa but remember the lives and not the lives lost. leon: find out about another anniversary this sunday that's often forgotten. alison: plus -- >> like i got to get me something and no one was doing anything. alison: a complete stranger rescues a man from an s.u.v. dangling off a cliff and then just continues on with his day. leon: a little later, why the montgomery county council may be rethinking the executive's plans to close a local pool. alison: that's right. before the first three months of 2015, we have set records for high temperatures. we'll take a look
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alison: 1,000 pounds of much needed groceries, experiments and equipment. we know she'll be alert now after the espresso. so the astronauts aboard the international space station, of course, send back some really unique views of the weather back here on earth. look at this tweet that they sent out this week of some storms off the coast of portugal. kaina wentworth gives a view of the weather here on the ground including people in boots to the south and west. reporter: a spring storm slamming the rockies. fog part to blame for this tour bus crash in colorado that injured 12 people. >> there was an extrication of one party. the driver of one of the buses, did have other parties transported. reporter: aurora police say lanes on i-70 were closed during the cleanup. >> just because you've gone through one patch of fog and cleared that does not mean another one is not coming right around the corner. reporter: elsewhere in colorado heavy wet snow collapsing this car port. some colorado mountain areas could see up to three feet of
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snow before it's over. >> oh man! reporter: in wyoming, a stretch of i-80 between cheyenne and laramie was closed for 15 hours after major wrecks involving dozens of cars. as far west as texas, nine tornadoes were spotted. >> tree fell through the dining room. reporter: residents on the gulf coast seeing rain and hail the size of golf balls. flood warnings are in effect in several southern states through friday. people had to be rescued from a flooded home in tennessee and we want to show you a video from huntsville, texas. this is a rec center at sam houston state. water caused wall to cave in. the rec center is closed indefinitely but classes remain on schedule and meteorologists expect more severe weather in the area today. in los angeles, kaina wentworth abc 7 news. leon: seems like they got water everywhere but they need it california. east of it you know northeast of it. doug: shift the pattern a bit
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they'd be on the road to recovery. alison: we have a little rain, nothing severe. doug: most everything south of west of washington. for nats fans that's good news. if that holds, not a problem. we'll start this time lapse from prince william county in woodbridge and a little bit of blue sky this morning but a lot of clouds a couple of patches of rain earlier. but skies cleared out nicely through the day and then during the late afternoon, a little heat and a little disturbance moving by. just a little more in the way of cloudiness. we're tracking the showers and they're beautiful outside in some areas right now. picked up .2 after -- of an inch of rain. temperatures in the 60's and lower 70's right now. in the district 77 degrees. here's the rain. here the washington metro area and then to the southwest and to the west we have continuing showers and heaviest one right now from marshall moving southwest past near haymarket before long. that trend is likely to continue. can't rule out an isolated shower metro area or north but for the moment the trend
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continues and most of the rain is staying to the south and the west of metro washington. temperatures comfortable now. 77 in andrews, baltimore 77 in manassas. 75 degrees in gaithersburg and through the evening hours, the rain will come to an end. probably by 8:00 8:30, most of the rain threat should come to to an end as the upper air disturbance moves through. temperatures will drop to the 70's this evening and overnight, drop in the 50's in most areas. skies will become partly cloudy. possibility there could be fog in a few sfots. that's about it. tomorrow, things will turn around nicely for us. temperaturewise, very warm weather across the middle part of the country and up to the lakes. very nice. lots of 70's. you get far enough west. it's a different pattern, we saw just a moment ago. the snow continuing out west. in fact, aspen picked up 11 inches of snow today. this is the last weekend for the ski resort being open for the season and almost a foot of fresh powder. that's all good. ultimately, the warm air will win out and right along the leading edge of this warm air, it's a warm front. that is working its way slowly
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towards our area. and will have an impact on our area by late sunday and especially sunday night. our futurecast you can pick out the details. high pressure will give us a gorgeous day. we'll be in the upper 70's to near 80 with sunshine tomorrow and start the day sunday with sunshine. but then as we get through the afternoon, clouds roll nchl the rain ahead of the warm front gets closer and look at the timing here. it looks by 6:00 sunday we'll number the shadow of the front. showers, few downpours, more into monday and some of that rain reinforced late monday afternoon by an approaching cold front. check this out. it looks nice. lots of sunshine and high temperature in the afternoon approaching 79 80 degrees. we have light winds. it will be terrific. we get to the start of sunday morning, we'll hang on to the sunshine. probably into the early afternoon hours. then clouds will increase. it will be cooler with a shift in the wind direction and about a 60% chance of showers through the evening and nighttime hours. 80% chance of range on monday rather. as we get late to the afternoon, clear back out. tuesday is great. more shower chances on wednesday
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and again on friday. so looking good. alison: not bad! doug: nothing cold or scary or stormy. just some rain. alison: we like it! all right. how about this? this is really pretty great at georgetown university. it was all about braving the shave. about two dozen med students joined more than 40,000 people all across the country who have shaved their heads or cut long hair to raise money for childhood cancer. more than 100 people turned out for the festivities there today which included food music, and a silent auction. leon: you can smile, guy when you're still young. when you get that done when you're young, that's fun. do it my age, hey, i'm bald! it's a whole different thing! meanwhile, across town i had the honor of helping to host another fundraiser the don boscoe celebrity waiters luncheon raising money for the ool in potomac park. really special school. see my friend there from channel 5 there. featured waiters like jacqui
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jeras, suzanne kennedy who had a minor mishap there. sorry, suzanne we had to show that. they competed at the tables, the celebrities wanted to see who could get the most tips and suzanne and jacqui did a great job. thanks for coming out and joining us, folks. we raised a lot of money and helped out really good people doing a lot of good things with the special kids and raised about $150,000. and every single one of those graduates are going on to college. can't mention names. i have to thank the folks at table four, table eight, table two, table one and table five, you are the best. thank you. five was suzanne's. we have to thank them. alison: they had drinks spilled on them? all right. well, drivers were abuzz in washington state today. still to come, a look at the accident that left them just sitting and hoping not to be stung! leon: but first -- >> it's tough, but, you know that's -- we make it through for sarah. alison: the accident that rocked the u.s. navy at the end of the cold war. leon: now, here's a look at
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what's coming up tonight on abls. -- abc.
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leon: 43 years ago today, apollo 13 splashed down safely in the pacific four days after the spacecraft was crippled by a ruptured oxygen tank and turned into a great movie. they were trying to land on the moon when that accident happened. you know the next three days are
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full of major events in american history. unfortunately, most of them not as inspiring. tomorrow is 109 years since the great san francisco earthquake and sunday marks 22 years since the fiery end of that 51 day long siege at the branch davidian compound in waco, texas. two years after that timothy mcveigh said it was his anger about the way that siege ended that helped motivate him to bomb the alfred p. murrah building in oklahoma city. 168 people died there. more than 500 others were injured. and then monday marks 16 years since the deadly shooting at columbine high school and five years since the explosion on the deepwater horizon oil platform in the gulf of mexico. very busy month if you look back at it that way. in the midst of all of these different observances, another in norfolk this sunday is set to draw hundreds of people to remember an accident often forgot. alison: paul spoke with a former sailor it the demissioned u.s.s. iowa who recalled his time on
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the ship during the darkest hour. >> it was tough! tough couple of days. reporter: ask eric what was tough. >> i went to boot camp with him. reporter: it wasn't his time in the navy. >> going, they were all in second division i believe. reporter: sailors like him -- >> this is me right here. reporter: cherish their service on the seas. ask him what was tough. >> 26 years is a long time. reporter: it was that day. 26 years ago. this subpoenaed. >> one of the guys said that was a good shot. reporter: a training exercise in the atlantic ocean firing the guns on the battleship u.s.s. iowa. >> went up. reporter: this video actually. it was just before 10:00 in the morning. >> go back down. there's been an unexplained detonation. reporter: the gun mount closest to the camera exploded. >> the fireball reached over 2,000 degrees and -- reporter: 47 people that's 47 sailors. >> it's not good, you know. reporter: died at that exercise
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at the end of the cold war. >> the night before we were playing poke we are a couple of these guys. and the next day the next morning want even lunch time, you know, lost 47. reporter: sunday the anniversary. that will be tough too, for eric. >> this photo here is from the day we came back into port. reporter: not as tough as those days after the disaster. >> it was just very surreal coming back that day. reporter: his family brother and nephew here in video from navy archives welcomed him and other sailors home. >> 47 people were killed that day. but 1500 guys died. somehow. reporter: the u.s. navy still officially lists the cause as undetermined. but a g.a.o. report blames an accidental overram of gunpowder bags in one of the guns. >> and then it seemed like flames came out of all of them. reporter: those hours after the explosion -- >> literally scooped them up and put them into a trash bag. reporter: they're hahnunting for eric and others. 26 years don't make this any
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easier. >> it was tough. alison: wow. so much emotion. all these years later. still to come here at 5:00 -- >> we would prefer that he go to the cashier booth alert our personnel that are there and they have means of stopping trains. alison: but find out what one man decided to do instead that may have saved another's life. leon: then a little later, paying tribute to the people that died when an airline pilot decided to take his own life. reporter: why is montgomery county considering shutting down a well used and well kept pool? i'm kevin lewis in
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alison: there is concern in montgomery county where limited funding could close a popular watering hole. we're talking about the community pool inside piney branch elementary school in tacoma park. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has the details. >> look at it. a beautiful pool indoors. not outside in the sun. kevin: joyce is on a mission to save the piney branch pool much the six lane 25 meter tacoma park watering hole is widely used. seniors, students, swim teams, kayak clubs, even scuba classes use it year round. >> when i heard that we weren't funded, my heart sunk. i was -- i was just devastated.
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i said no t happen. kevin: the problem, the montgomery county executive drained the pool's funding from his 2016 budget. >> all we're asking for is $160,000. kevin: $160 grand will keep the lights on and pool full for another year. and so this week, pool promoters, many children packed into tacoma park council meeting to raise awareness, tacoma's council has since passed a resolution calling on montgomery county leaders to cough up the cash. >> if we don't get the fund this pool will look like it did in 2009. empty. green at the bottom of the pool. the lights out. it looked very desolate. kevin: right here is a stack of letters from concerned students. one wrote "the pool is fun because there are slides and you get to cool off in the water. i also learn better after exercise." again, county executive ike leggett did not recommend the funding for this pool but the
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final decision rests with the county council. in tacoma park, i'm kevin lewis abc 7 news. leon: in today's other top stories, right now, arlington police are investigating a woman's death. neighbors saw her two children playing alone in the front yard of the house on 18th street. that's not far from crystal city. they saw the kids out in the yard this morning and that's when the neighbors called police. they found the 42-year-old woman dead inside. neighbors say she was estranged from her husband. police say at some point, a protective order had been filed against him. alison: it's all clear now but drivers faced a slow go crossing the memorial bridge towards arlington. two people were hit by a car there right around 3:15. both were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. leon: and an 11-year-old in upper marlboro brings a happy ending to a story that everybody is talking about today. emanuel marshall donated his wheelchair to 4-year-old joshua romero after someone stole romero's chair from his langley park apartment complex. marshall and his mother saw the story and called police and the police made the delivery to the
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romeros this afternoon. alison: very nice. there's a man that is lucky to be alive tonight after he fell right on to the subway tracks. he was just walking along the edge of the platform. see right there? he fell this is in downtown philadelphia after he lost his balance. several people waiting there actually turned away when he couldn't get out on his own. 28-year-old charles collins jumped right on the track to help him. >> i heard people scream and i turned around and i saw him down so i jumped down and picked him up. two other guys picked him up. and they got me out. alison: the fall victim broke his back and a few ribs and shattered a knee, too. collins only suffered a minor leg injury. and talk about going above and beyond. so collins then as we can see from that picture, went to check up on him in the hospital later today. leon: glad that ended that way.
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oh, boy. alison: absolutely. you know they'll be friends for the rest of their lives. leon: no doubt. same may be happening in this next one. this is in idaho. the identity of a good samaritan was a mystery after he pulled a complete stranger out of an s.u.v. that was dangling off a cliff. he went about his business. that photo went viral on line and someone eventually told jason warnock they saw what he did. the 29-year-old construction worker said he saw the driver banging on the window of that s.u.v. barely supported by a chain link fence and he figured that he should just help out. >> i got up there and i was like, are you all right, man? just shook his head yeah. and i grabbed my like snap on multitool out and it had some jagged edges, you know on each end of it and i hit the window three times but it didn't break. and every time i hit it the thing rocked you know like it was going to fall off.
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leon: there we have the endorsement for the snap on multitool. way to go, jason. he says he's not a hero. that's what guys like him always say. he did what he thinks anybody else would have done. was there and nobody else did it. by the way, the s.u.v. driver wasn't even hurt. he was just a little shaken up. alison: so there will be a run on those tools now. everybody is going to have one in their truck or their car. leon: that's on the list now for father's day gifts. snap on multitool. alison: there you go. there's no word if any drivers were stung after a semi truck carrying millions of honey bees flipped over on a washington state highway this morning. the truck was carrying about 13 1/2 milli of those bees in fact the driver wasn't hurt but rescue crews had to swat away bees trying to clear the scene. beekeepers and front end loaders were brought in to help clear all of the crushed hives. leon: that's a job i don't think i'd like to take. alison: no! leon: good luck, guys. alison: crazy, right? oh, my goodness. leon: let's check and see how
5:36 pm
things are shaping up traffic wise here no bees hopefully? jamie: hopefully not. 13 1/2 million bees i've reported on some stuff. beer trucks falling over but not the bee one. hey, this afternoon, i'm not going to start either because we don't have any crashes with semis overturned. we really don't have any big problems as far as crashes. we're in the single digits and this is the traffic on the inner loop of the beltway getting from virginia into maryland. closer to river road, you're on the brakes. as we move to 270, traffic headed in, you average 14 miles per hour. in this area we're seeing a little bit of extra congestion this afternoon. had an earlier crash on the outer loop. that is why. move to take a live look and show you what we got as far as our traffic near old dominion. this is the outer loop and it's still very heavy. as we move to show you what we've got right now on 395, working your way out of the city, it is congested. you got this right before you get a little closer to virginia leaving the d.c. area.
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as we take a look at the map you can see some of the slow traffic on 395 for about 20 miles per hour. that's a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you, coming up at 5:00, you'll meet a woman on the front lines of the original freedom ride. and she became an unlikely civil rights pioneer. leon: love that story. a passenger says enough is enough when someone next to her is snoring on that plane. alison: new at 6:00 tonight a body found inside a car in a wal-mart parking lot and investigators believe it had been there for mon
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alison: this country just recognized the 50th anniversary of the marchers from montgomery to selma. at the same time the news has been dominated by racial tension with police and protests all over the country. most recently the shooting of walter scott in south carolina. tonight's "working woman" was on the front lines of the original freedom rides and sit-ins and is as a white southerner an unlikely civil rights pioneer. john mulholland has lived in this modest arlington house for
5:41 pm
decades. she raised her five boys here by herself. she was a teacher's assistant in arlington schools. it was what happened in her life that defied who she is and what she stands for. at 5'2" she is a rebel in every sense of the word. >> once you got into it particularly as a white southerner, there was no turning back. alison: mulholland was 19 when she decided to join the civil rights movement. she left her segregationist parents and became a freedom rider. she participated in sit-ins in arlington and then throughout the south. that's her in this iconic picture from the woolworth's in jackson, mississippi. >> they were yelling at us and dirty jokes and dump everything they could get their hands on on us and the sugar, the ketchup the mustard. alison: she was arrested five times and she recently went back to one of those jail cells for a documentary about her called "an ordinary hero."
5:42 pm
mulholland also cherishes her meetings with dr. martin luther king jr. fast forward to 2015. mulholland is struggling with images of the racial unrest of today. >> it's broken down the laws the structure of segregation in that sense. that rock foundation of racism is still with us. alison: at 73 mulholland still travels the world speaking to children. >> i know what you did was really right and i just want you to know that. alison: and she still goes to the occasional protest. but mulholland says it's now time to pass the torch and support the next generation. >> still have a lot to do. so the young folks need to get out there and do it. and us old folks can have your backs. alison: mulholland was just in australia back in february and has more trips planned for the rest of this year. speaking about her experiences to young and old. leon: we are so fortunate to still have her among us to share those experiences. alison: right here in arlington,
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you know so unassuming considering everything she's done and been through. leon: yeah you know what? someone in arlington ought to make sure she goes to every high school there at some point. alison: she's a special woman. leon: all right. nice piece. alison: thank you. leon: between emergency drills and protests we'll be looking at a very busy weekend around the nation's capital. steve: i'm abc 7's steve rudin. earth day celebrations start tomorrow at noon. i'll talk about the venue and how many people to expect a
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leon: earth day may not be until next week but an event down at the national mall tomorrow will celebrate the planet. alison: our meteorologist steve rudin is there today with a preview of what you can expect. hi, steve. leon: hey, steve. steve: hi. let me tell you this is the quiet before tomorrow. let me step aside here and you can see this is probably maybe 50 to 75 people here listening to the test runs so far. but by this time tomorrow we're expecting around 250,000 people
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to pack the national mall. they're coming here to celebrate earth day. venue impressive no doubt. usher, fallout boy mary j.blige. you get the point. it's going to be a lot of fun and a lot of people. it will be a busy busy day. they're celebrating protecting the planet and its people and they'll be talking about climate change, how it impacts our environment and how it will impact our future and the best news of all, i think, about the timing for this will be the weather because we're looking at beautiful weather for the day tomorrow. lots of sunshine. more on that. we head back to doug hill. doug: thank you, steve. tomorrow, the weather looks absolutely spectacular for the mall and this evening, we'll get close to getting some showers on the mall. let's get right to i and check out the conditions. view live from the rooftop here in arlington looking towards the washington monument and the mall. some breaks of blue in the distance. fair amount of cloudiness across the region now and the cloudiness generated by a few
5:48 pm
showers. most of the activity all afternoon has been to the south-southwest and west of washington. we'll zoom in and show you the story. there's a little shower south of the district now passing through the south of the mall. so there could be an isolated shower chance. south and west is where the showers will stay for the next few hours. couple ofpossible brief ones. no thunder and lightning reported yet. that isolated possibility does exist. it will clear out later tonight. for the moment very warm. 77 at manassas and andrews. 75 in gaithersburg. 75 in baltimore and 76 in the nation's capital. for the next, we'll keep an eye on radar. they'll be just fine. maybe a brief passing shower at most and then partly cloudy skies and comfortable temperatures in the 60's. tomorrow, high pressure will give us a day of sunshine. it will be warm in the upper 70's to near 80. clear tomorrow night. clouds roll in in the afternoon. it looks like rain will hold off until 5:00 or 6:00. rain is likely sunday night and monday, the warm front will come
5:49 pm
through and a brief break and more rain with the cold front during the day on monday. so a rainy stretch indeed. as far as what's going to happen over the next seven days sunny warm one tomorrow. increasing cloudiness with showers in the afternoon becoming likely at night. likely monday and clearing late monday. tuesday, good. sunshine into wednesday before the next threat of showers in washington. partly to mostly cloudy in the area. 76 in the nation's capital. leon? leon: this weekend, protesters are planning to make themselves heard outside of the world bank. spring meetings for the bank and the international monetary fund happens every year. a list of the road closures planned in foggy bottom for those meetings. you'll find them for you at this sunday, don't be surprised if you see a huge police presence there the greenbelt metro station. metro transit police and prince george's county police are conducting a full scale emergency response drill out there. they'll be simulating the mass evacuation of passengers out of a disabled train. the station will be open but the drill will go on until about 1:00 in the afternoon.
5:50 pm
alison: chancellor angela merkel, hundreds of dignitaries as well as friends and family gathered to remember the victims of the germanwings plane crash today. 150 people died when the co-pilot of that germanwings jet deliberately crashed that plane into the french alps last month. flags in germany was flown at half staff and a candle was lit for each victim. leon: tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 just ahead here new problems for the security contractors on duty when an inmate escapes from inova fairfax hospital. what the i-team here uncovered has drawn the attention of the inspector general. plus a potential speed bump for a plan to speed up traffic on i-66 inside the beltway. big names now calling that proposal deeply troubling. plus must see video has firefighters cut a mother out of a wrecked car. we'll have that for you new just ahead here rather, at 6:00. alison: all right, let's get a look at sports. robert burton is standing by for
5:51 pm
whoing to be a big night for the caps. leon: that's right. caps maybe need some get back tonight, robert. robert: you're right about that leon and alison. let's start off with information that we learned a few minutes ago. braden holtby goalkeeper for the caps has come down with some sort of illness. we don't know if he'll be in front of the net until that puck drops at 7:00. but sdiet despite all of that the caps want to come tonight with some urgency. you don't want to go to new york down 2-1 games. despite being soundly beaten in game one, don't expect changes from the caps tonight. >> they're probe not going to be earth shattering and might not notice them to the naked eye. >> keep it simple. pretty boring hockey in playoffs but it's efficient. you got to do that. if we do that it's hard to beat. >> we're not tweaking anything really. we're trying to come out and
5:52 pm
play our game. robert: the adjustment for game two is simpler than any xs and os the coach may draw up. >> those are minute part of the game. the big part of the game is the will to win. the one-on-one battles, the compete level, the execution at a very high level, the correct thought process. moving the puck quick. moving your body quick. just playing at a high level. elevating our game. that's where everything starts and then after that the adjustments are minor. robert: well, you heard him. it's not about xs and os but all about the will to win. the wizards are getting ready to take on the raptors in round one of the eastern conference playoffs. now, here's the thing. they haven't beat the raptors all season. they're 0-3 against toronto. and on top of that, they're on the road for game one. however, last year, you remember this. they beat the bulls in round one eliminated them and then made it to the second round. so the good thing here is that
5:53 pm
the wiz have playoff experience. here's randy wittman. >> you have an understanding what this first game is going to be like. you know just how you know tough it is. >> it's got to be positive. robert: check this out, guys. you made fun of me wednesday because i didn't have any red on. alison mentioned it today. well, i told her to watch the 5:00 so you can check out the red and blue socks. so i think you can say i'm capped down to the socks. leon: ok all right. you redeemed yourself. alison: that's a start. leon: you redeemed yourself. those might not be socks. that might be a tattoo. alison: all right. have a good time out there. we'll see you at 6:00. leon: folks, we've all had that moment when that stranger sitting next to you a plane does something you don't like. >> imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees and waking up and going ow! alison: still ahead, how one
5:54 pm
woman responded to the man and
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
alison: you could say the force is coming to nippon airways, the japanese carrier has launched a five year "star wars" project that includes a passenger jet painted to resemble the "star wars" droid r2d2. the airline says the "star wars" plane will begin flying international routes this fall. it comes ahead of the new release of the new film "star wars the force awakens." well police are calling it a stabbing. but it happened on a southwest plane in chicago. officials say a female passenger had enough of her seatmate's snoring so she found a way to stop him. abc's marcy gonzalez explains the unusual way she did it. reporter: if this passenger was trying to write an air raid stranger -- story stranger than fiction. >> my arm hurts because i was being stabbed by a pen. reporter: he woke up
5:58 pm
pretakeoff snooze on a southwest flight from chicago to manchester new hampshire yesterday to the woman sitting next to him stabbing him with a pen. >> imagine being sleep and then being stung by bees and waking up and going ow! >> she just went nuts and started stabbing him with the pen. screamed really loud almost like a little girl. reporter: before the screaming apparently he was snoring and that, the airline says set the woman off! >> just kept saying i was sleeping and she stabbed me with a pen. reporter: the plane returned to the gate. the perturbed passenger was escorted off and flight attendants couldn't help but laugh as she held on to her writing utensil turned lesson. >> they gave us free gin and tonics and they were super nice. they made nice jokes to it. everybody keep your writing utensils to yourself. it was jovial. everybody was happy. reporter: as happy as they could be with the flight delayed two hours before heading to new hampshire. he has a few bruises but says he's not pressing charges against the woman who was
5:59 pm
allowed on a later flight. marcy gonzalez abc news, new york. alison: two-hour delay for that. all right. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. right now at 6:00, though new fallout from that inmate escape that sent this area into lockdown. the new problems that the company in charge of security. plus -- >> shock. you know it's just -- it doesn't compute. alison: children found playing outside as their mother's body lay inside a home. what we know about the victim and a protective order. and the possible speed bump to a proposal aimed at speeding up i-66. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. leon: it was a day that had much of the area on edge as violent criminal overpowered his guard, took a gun and escaped police custody igniting a massive man hunt. and tonight, virginia senator mark warner is reacting to a "7
6:00 pm
on your side" i-team investigation that could land that contractor involved in that escape from inova fairfax hospital on the inspector general's radar. u.s. marshals investigation is under way into allied protection services. joce sterman is here now with why senator warner says that may not be enough. what's the story? joce: after we notified senator warner that two of the three men listed as leaders of allied protection told us they had no ties to the company, he called our findings troubling. he's now calling on the marshals and department of justice to re-examine whether allied's contract should continue. >> i'm just glad you guys are out there. i'm glad that you're giving us scrutiny here. joce: the "7 on your side" i-team continuing to dig into allied protection services after discovering leaders advertised on their website say they're not connected with the company. >> he was trying to get a government grant and i said you know i might be interested. joce: th


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